Thursday, August 29, 2013

Called To Serve

I was called to serve in Dominican Republic Santiago Mission! I will be spreading the gospel in the spanish language on October 9th. Im so very grateful to serve my heavenly father and let people know of his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. This Gospel has changed my life completely, and has given me blessings that im so grateful for. I want to serve heavenly father because he gave me so much and I want to show him that I love him by giving him a little time in my life to spread his word. Im very lucky to have a testimony of Jesus Christ and how I know that he loves me, and gave his life for me. When im on my mission I know that the Holy Ghost will provide me with the spirit to share the light, and to convert his children to join him, and to be with him. I love this church I know it to be true with all my heart. I know that God and his son visited Joseph Smith on earth, and that he told joseph to translate the Book of Mormon. I know these things to be true!

I recieved my call 5/24/13