Tuesday, May 27, 2014

San Fran Yo!

Hola a Todos Como Estan!
I am loving San Fran its Crazy! I am learning so much everyday, my Spanish is getting really good my companion tells me he is surprised that I had 2 american companions and that my Spanish is so good. My week was a little tough but I love it, I like a little challenge..... hehe This Sunday was crazy, we had a member faint during third hour and I tried to help. I helped pick her up with a member and then all of a sudden I hear a rippppp hahah My pants ripped right in half hahahahah funny story. My companion was the only one that saw but we were dying when I told him to help me make my way to the bathroom. haha We walked home and I changed my pants haha. A couple of members saw... hahah awkward.....That same day we were teaching a lesson with a investigator whose name is Juan. He's so cool, he's 16 years old and he kinda reminds me of me. He's having problems with his parents and I told him that through this gospel the spirit will be with him and that he can feel more comfortable in the house. He knows English and he loves music from the states and we talk about music all the time.
That's all folks for this week! Thank you for reading another email of my crazy life haha 
Love you all Mucho! Peace be unto you all 
Love from Elder HOLYCROSS.......(Santacruz)

Beautiful San Francisco

P-day fun

We love our Elder Santacruz

First week in San Francisco

Hello everyone! My first week in the Area was so great! We have a lot of investigators and everyone wants to listen to us so that is great. Its weird changing areas because its like starting the mission all over again but I am getting used to it and I am learning a lot from my new companion that only speaks Spanish... haha but its awesome!
There is a family that we are teaching and they are so awesome and humble. I love it, we taught a lesson this week and it was so spiritual. The family's name is Garcia and I love them! They go to church and everything and in just a few weeks and they will get baptized! I love you all and miss you all! It was so great talking you you all last week! If it seemed that I was a little homesick.. I'm sorry but that's just normal hahah No but I am great! 
love from the Dr Elder Santacruz!

Elder Feliz

This is how I got to my new area!

New Area

Well everyone I got transferred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am out of Cristo Rey! Thank you so much for everything, for all the support. You guys have helped me so much! I got transferred to an area called.... Sanfrancisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This area is crazy! haha I think brother Perry served in this area so make sure you tell him! I had a great time in Cristo Rey. Thank you so much for my birthday presents.That was so awesome of you guys to do that! I seriously loved it!!!!!!!
You guys are awesome!
My companion is Elder Feliz. He is a Dominican. He only speaks Spanish and I am living with 3 Latins and none of them know English haha. I am all good, everything is great! I have to cut it short because the power went out and I don't have a lot of time but love you all!!!!!!!!! Miss you! 
Elder Santacruz 
Thanks for all the wishes!!!!

Happy Birthday Elder Santacruz

Our family made him a birthday video and this is him watching it.
He loved it. Special thanks to Elisa on the right for contacting me to make it and putting his party together!

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The Lord's Work

This week we worked our butts off! We have been trying to find people and we have been trying to work with the less actives because there are so many in this ward its ridiculous! This week a family member died from family in our ward and we went over to help out with anything. We shared a scripture with them and the lesson was so spiritual. My words were not my words in the lesson. The family was better after the lesson. They were smiling and they were a little bit happier. I love this family they are the best.
Also this week was testimony meeting and I figured that I might be leaving this ward so I should bear my testimony. When I was looking at the ward I knew that my time here was worth it. There were people that I helped stay strong in the church and people that were less actives who became active strong members, and converts who became members it was great! I definitely didn't waste my time in Cristo Rey. The spirit was definitely in the chapel and it helped me express my testimony to the ward in Cristo Rey! This week was a great one!
Well this month is practically over, going into the month of May now. Wow time is flying but I miss you all love you all! I hope you all make it a great week!
Elder Santacruz

Happier than Ever!