Monday, October 6, 2014

Excited for Conference!

Wow! I would like to start out with the coolest thing that happened this week. First we set a baptismal date with a family. It is in November! It was so cool that they accepted the baptismal date! It was so dope! The problem is that they are not married but we are gonna help them get married! So we are so excited for them to get married so that they can be baptized. They are just a little sketchy about the marriage still so we asked them to pray about it so that they can receive an answer! But wow we have a family with a baptismal date! DOPE! The father is so cool! He told us that he knows the church is true because he had felt something in one of the lessons. He said his heart just felt warm and he feels something every time we talk to him!! That's really cool, they went to church for the first time last Sunday! YEAH!
Something else cool about our week is that we had members leave with us everyday this week! It was so cool! No there is not a lot of members in the branch but we managed to have a member with us everyday! We know that this branch is gonna grow so fast! I am so HAPPY to be here because there is so much WORK! There is a lady named Hermana Reyes wow, her testimony is so strong! She loves to help us whenever. The funny thing is that our area  has so many hills like mountain hills and she still climbs without complaining or anything. She is such a good member of the church. She shared her testimony with some of our investigators and some had said, wow what a testimony! It was great being with her! 
My comp and I have been working so hard that everyday we come home, I am so dead that I have fallen a sleep twice in my night prayer hahah oops!
Oh and can you believe that conference is this week! wow I am SOOOOOO PUMPED to hear the words of the prophet! My comp and I have planned to fast the day before just to feel the spirit even more! I am so GREAT! Can't be any happier! 
Love you all guys! Miss you!

9 year old girl with baptismal date set

Hermana Reyes. Lights went out so family night with candles it is!


Working Hands

All the zones in Santiago 

Professional Chef

Hard and Great

Hello from the DR!!!! This week! was a lit bit of both! Hard and Great!
To start out with the good! We worked so hard everyday that we have had so much success!! We have found so many more people to teach! We have seen so many miracles! W have felt the spirit in literally every lesson! The way we work together is great! We are just two missionaries that are just focused on the work with nothing distracting us and we push each other to be better! He pushes to do more and with that we get home every night SOOOO tired! Wow! 
Also! Elder Cornish came to Santiago to talk all to the missionaries! He is the President of the Caribbean! He was so great! He helped us so much to give us more energy to work harder! He said that we needed to be more organized to work with the members a lot more! 
This week there was some bad news! We had two investigators that had baptismal date set and they dropped us. They don't want continue with the lessons it was hard but we know that the Lord is helping us to focus on the right people! This week was definitely funny,crazy, short, HOT, a lot of rain everything!
Love you all! Have a good week! 
Elder Santacruz

My Awesome Companion

What More Can I Ask For?

Hey everyone how goes it!? This week was so great but wow I am really tired! Haha we worked our butts off this week! We have so much work to do though! There are only 35 members in the branch! Can you guys imagine being in a house and sitting with only 35 members around you makes you feel like the old time when they just started the church! Wow my comp is so cool he is from here in the DR and he is such a humble guy. He is so nice and loves the people! What more can I ask for!?
This week we invited 3 people to be baptized. We talked with everyone its so crazy! I love my AREA but wow there are literally mountains its crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! My legs are gonna be hulk legs by the time I get out of here! 
As for now we are starting to give out a lot of invitations to be baptized. We have to help the President of the branch to build up the branch! We want to bring less actives back to church so we can have a better assistance! Well guys there is not much to say only that I am so happy to have so much work and that we are gonna see so many miracles here in the La Herradura! Love you all and miss you!
Elder Santacruz

New Companions

Our roommates


Inside Church

Elder Hollingsworth

We are cool!

This is how Haitians sell stuff

La Herradura

HEllO everyone how is everything this week? This was my last week in San Francisco. They sent me to a different area!!!!! La Herradura! in Santiago!!!!! I guess they want me back there to work!! I am super excited! My companion is Dominican he is such a good missionary. Everyone tells me he is a hard worker and that he is super spiritual! La Erradura is a branch and its not a chapel its a house hahah. Its crazy, there is only 35 members that assist weekly so we will see how it goes. I am super excited to be in an area that has a lot of problems because I know the Lord trusts me with his work and I know I can doing anything If I just have the faith!
All is great! I am so happy and I cant wait to start working! I love you all and miss you tons! Ill send pics next week! but I love you! Have a great week! 
I know this gospel is true with all my heart! 
In the name of Christ AMEN!

Hello to All

Hello everyone! This week started out with my talk on Sunday! I gave a talk on la obra misional! misionary work! It was so great! Mom I talked about you, how you are such a good example because you found the gospel and how you still want to be a better member everyday!!!!  Wow the Lord helped me so much to have the spirit. The spirit was there with everyone! I enjoyed it so much! After sacrament, the whole ward came to me and said that they felt the spirit so strong, that my testimony helped them so much!
Also we had an activity!!! We planned it really well! We called it viaje al cielo! Trip to Heaven! It was so cool. We had different rooms the celestial room, terrestrial, telestial, paradise, and prision. We put an explanation in each room, it was so cool. Each missionary was in a room talking about the kingdom and it was awesome because a lot of people showed up to the activity and the members brought their friends! My week was super awesome!
Also this week an inactive family that we have been teaching for a while is now officially reactivated! They told us before we started teaching them that they hadn't gone to church for 8 years!!!! How awesome is that?! Well that is my week! I hope you liked it because I sure did! 
Me encanto La mision! Es algo muy especial para mi! Se que este evangelio es verdadero! Se sin una duda! Vamos a disfrutar la bendicion que tenemos! Les quiero!!!!! MUCHO!!! Me encanto siendo un misionero!!
Activity with the Zone

One of our rooms

Another room