Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This wonderful discipleship is all worth it!

WOW what the heck is it really over!? No me Diga! haha I cant believe that my final days are coming to an end. The first week in was like that hardest and I didn't know a lick of Spanish and not having any idea of what was going on in the lessons but here we are. We got to to this point ​with a lot of faith, so many prayers and a testimony solid and firm! I am so happy to be here at this point. All the missionaries have said that we should work so hard all the way to last days in your mission so you wont feel that remorse and honestly I feel like everything is in place! I am so happy to have had the opportunity to serve in this wonderful country and to have felt a little of what Christ had to pay!

Now this week my goal is to finish strong I want to work until the last hour and not slow down. I don't want to die until Wednesday! I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father for giving me these two years here to learn, serve, and love! I am know this gospel is completely true. I have seen the miracles and the blessings. They will always be stuck in my heart to help me and to keep and cherish! I know the Book of Mormon was passed to our loving prophet Joseph Smith and he did restore the church. I know that he was empowered with the authority by celestial apostles and that we are here for one purpose so that we can be tested, tried, and to put the atonement into play! I know that Christ payed the price for me and he did suffered every affliction and type of pain ever known. I know that this work, this wonderful hard discipleship is all worth it. I love this church and I love the director of it as well. In the name of Christ amen!

p.s. I will see you guys on Friday! :)

Elder Santacruz

My companion sleeps with 2 fans

16 days!


Wow are we already in September? oh dang!!!! haha
Do I still have to say that this week was another great week because I say it all the time! Every week is just amazing!
My comp and I are good friends, wow I just want more time with him because he's so cool! I can always extend?????? hahaha no just kidding. Yeah my two years are up and I feel so good that I don't want to spoil it!
This Sunday they I gave a talk about missionary work and I could feel the spirit so strong I wish you guys were there because everyone enjoyed it! Mom I mentioned you in my talk! I gave the talk and then suddenly everyone decided to do missionary work! This week we have already received 5 references and 4 lessons with members! My district has been telling me that I am not dying which means that I am not slowing down because a lot of missionaries slow  down and they tend to stay longer in the house and waste time but me NO WAYYYY!!! We are teaching in the mornings and in the afternoons! I am  not going to waste any time! I am so happy that everyone is giving us all this work to do!
The other day we met a family that is having lots of problems. They are members from a long time ago and they really didn't want anything to do with the church  at first but we have been going every week and we finally had a lesson with the mom who is a member. Wow she started crying and starting saying that one of her sons was saying to her that¨mom I would definitely not want to be your son after this life¨ and we started explaining to her that there is a plan after this life that she will be able to live with her son after we pass away. She felt so happy she said that she feels like her family is falling apart and that she doesn't feel like she is teaching her kids correctly about God and the gospel. She wants to start doing it! We want to help her more and her family and yesterday we left to go teach some lessons in the morning and we passed by her house and she was cleaning the house!!! SERVICE!!!  We got in there and we helped here clean the house and she was so happy and she even trusted us more!!! It was so great!
Eleazer is progressing even more, we are going to see if he will get baptized next week or the next week after that! He is definitely progressing and definitely wants to be a memeber of this church! This was my great week  and I hope you all love it and were able to feel the spirit!
Also I was able to visit crisot rey before I leave so I am so happy! I got to see my activated familys and my converts!

Elder Santacruz

Bye to my Cristo Rey families

Elder Faalogo

Bye to Sis. Lopez