Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Huelga! (Strike)

Hola a todos! This week was full of success. We are finding more people and working really hard! My comp is all healthy and ready to start working again. We have been living with members and we have been soaking up the sun hahah it issssssss HOT! Some of our young investigators went to a camp called SOY its like EFY and so we couldn't teach them this week. On Sunday they came back and they all we were saying that they know that this gospel is true and that they loved SOY! That was good to hear. This week 6 less actives came to church and it was so awesome! We finished finding all of the less actives in our area and our goal is try to reactivate them. We have been working really hard with them and we have brought members to visit them so that they feel more welcomed to come to church. I told my comp that we have to focus on the less actives because they are just as important as the investigators. He totally supported me and we are working hard with them!
Also remember when I said that there are huelgas (strikes) in this area..... right now we are in a Huelga and we cant leave the house because it is really dangerous in our area. We have been in the house since Monday. haha but don't worry we are completely fine. The huelga is in our area and we live outside of the area so everything is good! This week was great and that's it for you guys. I still don't have chinkunguya!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you all! 
Elder Santacruz

Finally got his package!

Juan Bautista.. We cleaned his chicken coop for a service project


Well.... this week there is not much to say because my companion was sick for the whole week... It was so bad!! He had Chinkunguya ... Its from a mosquito... The country is getting it its just a bad sickness to get... luckily I haven't gotten it....YET. haha but no we stayed in the house for the whole week he couldn't even walk this sickness consists of fever, throwing up, diarrhea, and causes your bones to just hurt which causes swelling.. Yeah my comp had it this whole week..
I was like his mother!! hahaah I never thought I would have kids on the mission haha jk This whole week I studied soooo much so that was good!
One thing that happened that was just awesome is that my comp was feeling better yesterday so we left and we had received a reference from a member and it was his buddy from work. He brought us to him and we taught him and wife. They were so interested, they were asking so many questions about the plan of salvation! My companion and I were so happy! We got out of the lesson and starting walking back home and we just started going crazy because we had received another family. Oh how the Lord is helping us so much! What a blessing it is. It is also so great to work with members, the work is so much easier! That was my Great Chinkunguya week! hahaha no but we are doing great, enjoying everything, and working hard!!!! Love you all! MISS you all!
Elder Santacruz

Pro Cooker

Chinkunguya is no fun

Happy 4th of July

9 Months... WHAT?Our

Hello Hello Hello to all!! Another P day wow! My week was probably the best week in the mission so far! My companion and I have been killing it! When my comp arrived we didn't really have any people to teach! We have been contacting almost everyday for a few hours and it has been very effective! We have been finding new people and some are really crazy people hahaha but we make the best of it. My comp and I have so much fun! We goof around all the time, the two other missionaries that live with us say that we are never not laughing! haha he's like my brother! He helps me so much and I am so grateful for him!
This week we had a an amazing experience, last Saturday we fasted and made a goal to fast every Saturday. We started and it was so hard...... OMG! We had all of our appointments cancel that day so we practically contacted all day and contacting shouldn't be done for more than an hour..... we did it all day... One thing that happened that was so cool was, we were tired and we had walked all over our area and we were extremely hungry and thirsty. We thought that we should pray and so we found a little ally and we knelt down and prayed. After that we felt so great and had energy, enough energy that we found a less active family. They called us on the street and invited us in their house. They told us that they are members but they don't know anybody that goes to the church so we were like we will bring people over to your house first and they said that would be great and that they want to go back to church so that was so cool!

The next day a family that we started teaching last week came to church, all of them! They loved it! They said that they want to continue going and continue taking the lessons. They said that all of the members are really nice and that the church is different than others!!!!! We were so happy! To top that off 5 less actives came to church! My testimony of fasting grew and I know Heavenly Father is always helping.... ALWAYS! watching! I know that the work is growing in san francisco and I am SOOOOOO Happy that it is!
The MISSION is spectacular and it is definitely worth while! Worth all the  tough times! Everything! LOVE YOU ALL! That was my crazy week! Hope you enjoyed it!
Shout out to Skyler! Have fun in Peru bro! Go save some Salvation!

Long lost Brothers

Another amazing trip to the beach. Beach Samana

Our Area

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Elder Centeno

Oh my gosh! This week was so great! My new companion is so great! We have so much fun together! We are literally laughing 24/7 its awesome! This whole week we have been working hard! This week we have been thinking of ways we could help the ward because the bishopric is having some problems working.
We went to the bishop and we asked him if he needed help because we wanted to gain his trust. So we have been helping him a lot more and hopefully the ward can get back on its feet because its really disorganized. We are gonna work really hard this transfer with that.

This week we have also have been contacting because a lot of our investigators are not progressing so we decided to find all of the less actives because we wanted to find a lot of new people!
We had an experience finding a man that had a dream that he talked to Jesus Christ and that Jesus told him that he was gonna restore his church again.When he told us this story my companion and I looked at each other and we just smiled. We both thought GOLDEN haha but no, the man lives all the way out in the middle of a little community. His house is the size of my room back at home and he is so humble and open to hear anything.
This week I learned the importance of trust. I had so much trust in my companion and he did in me. It made us united and we just had so much fun doing the Lord's work. I put that as an example. If we trust in the Lord no matter what happens if the area stinks, or the members don't work, or if there many less actives, you will always work united. You'll just be happy because you have each others back. Trust is the key! 
Everything is great! I love you all I hope everything is going great 
Show out to my buddy Josh! BRAZIL!!! Wow congrats! They are lucky to have you man. Good luck!
Love from the Dominican Republic!

Elder Centeno

A members birthday party

We have to wear these nets while we sleep because people have been getting sick from the mosquitoes. 

"Please do not throw trash on the ground"

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Companion

Oh MY GOSH! Guys I have a new companion and I am senior companion. This week was pretty crazy and  I cant believe Elder Feliz left the area. I thought we were gonna have another one together but oh well... Any way my new companion is from Honduras and his name is Elder Centeno! He is so cool. He has about 6 months in the mission and he is such a hard worker! I am so happy to have him as a companion. We knew each other in my other area and we became good friends. We are gonna kill it in our area! Everything is great! He also speaks English so my English will get better because it is terrible! haha

Also this week I finished the LIBRO DE MORMON I was so happy and I felt so accomplished! Its crazy that I started the book not understanding a word and now I understand mostly everything that it says so that is so cool! President Gordon B. Hinckley's promise is true.... if you read the book a mormon in another language you will learn that language!! 

I cant believe how different things are gonna be now that Feliz isn't here but it will be great because I know the Lord gave me this responsibility for a reason to learn more everyday and to progress! I love you all and I hope you all had a great week! 
Shout out to my father Happy Fathers day dad! love you so much!

Elder Drury who just left our zone