Wednesday, July 23, 2014

9 Months... WHAT?Our

Hello Hello Hello to all!! Another P day wow! My week was probably the best week in the mission so far! My companion and I have been killing it! When my comp arrived we didn't really have any people to teach! We have been contacting almost everyday for a few hours and it has been very effective! We have been finding new people and some are really crazy people hahaha but we make the best of it. My comp and I have so much fun! We goof around all the time, the two other missionaries that live with us say that we are never not laughing! haha he's like my brother! He helps me so much and I am so grateful for him!
This week we had a an amazing experience, last Saturday we fasted and made a goal to fast every Saturday. We started and it was so hard...... OMG! We had all of our appointments cancel that day so we practically contacted all day and contacting shouldn't be done for more than an hour..... we did it all day... One thing that happened that was so cool was, we were tired and we had walked all over our area and we were extremely hungry and thirsty. We thought that we should pray and so we found a little ally and we knelt down and prayed. After that we felt so great and had energy, enough energy that we found a less active family. They called us on the street and invited us in their house. They told us that they are members but they don't know anybody that goes to the church so we were like we will bring people over to your house first and they said that would be great and that they want to go back to church so that was so cool!

The next day a family that we started teaching last week came to church, all of them! They loved it! They said that they want to continue going and continue taking the lessons. They said that all of the members are really nice and that the church is different than others!!!!! We were so happy! To top that off 5 less actives came to church! My testimony of fasting grew and I know Heavenly Father is always helping.... ALWAYS! watching! I know that the work is growing in san francisco and I am SOOOOOO Happy that it is!
The MISSION is spectacular and it is definitely worth while! Worth all the  tough times! Everything! LOVE YOU ALL! That was my crazy week! Hope you enjoyed it!
Shout out to Skyler! Have fun in Peru bro! Go save some Salvation!

Long lost Brothers

Another amazing trip to the beach. Beach Samana

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