Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Elder Centeno

Oh my gosh! This week was so great! My new companion is so great! We have so much fun together! We are literally laughing 24/7 its awesome! This whole week we have been working hard! This week we have been thinking of ways we could help the ward because the bishopric is having some problems working.
We went to the bishop and we asked him if he needed help because we wanted to gain his trust. So we have been helping him a lot more and hopefully the ward can get back on its feet because its really disorganized. We are gonna work really hard this transfer with that.

This week we have also have been contacting because a lot of our investigators are not progressing so we decided to find all of the less actives because we wanted to find a lot of new people!
We had an experience finding a man that had a dream that he talked to Jesus Christ and that Jesus told him that he was gonna restore his church again.When he told us this story my companion and I looked at each other and we just smiled. We both thought GOLDEN haha but no, the man lives all the way out in the middle of a little community. His house is the size of my room back at home and he is so humble and open to hear anything.
This week I learned the importance of trust. I had so much trust in my companion and he did in me. It made us united and we just had so much fun doing the Lord's work. I put that as an example. If we trust in the Lord no matter what happens if the area stinks, or the members don't work, or if there many less actives, you will always work united. You'll just be happy because you have each others back. Trust is the key! 
Everything is great! I love you all I hope everything is going great 
Show out to my buddy Josh! BRAZIL!!! Wow congrats! They are lucky to have you man. Good luck!
Love from the Dominican Republic!

Elder Centeno

A members birthday party

We have to wear these nets while we sleep because people have been getting sick from the mosquitoes. 

"Please do not throw trash on the ground"

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