Monday, January 12, 2015

La Luz Llego

HELLO GUYS! Wow what an interesting week!

First we didn't have power the whole week! Literally 7 days haha it was pretty lame but hey gotta love the mission! We had a huge storm and it knocked out the electricity but we finally got it yesterday and when we got it we were screaming in the streets saying LA LUZ LLEGO!!!!!!!! haha it was funny but everything is all good! 
Another thing that was really cool is that we had some really great lessons this week we had felt the spirit so strong and found so many new people! My comp is doing better with the language he is working hard to get better but it is definitely helping me with my patience hahah  I know this transfer I am going to work on my Christ like attributes a lot harder but I Love him and I need to work on loving him even more! haha
This week we have a conference with the whole mission and so its going to be awesome we are all gonna be together! We are gonna have our turkey dinner woooohooo! but we are going to hear from our mission pres. and just be filled with the spirit! Im pretty excited! Everything is going great! Wow 1 more month til Christmas yeah buddy! I hope we can baptize a family this month! That will just be the best! 
Love you all glad that you guys got my cards! Love you all tons! 
Love Elder Santacruz

SKIMICE! The Haitians sell these popsicles 

Had a lesson with baptist missionaries

Branch Night!

Happy Halloween

Hello to all! Wow this week was so awesome and really hard! First, we have been teaching around 5 families and they are all so cool! Wow two families have been reading everything and they really want to go to church this week! We really need them to go so that we can put a date with them! We are gonna work so hard!
My comp is Elder Vake is still new and hes working on his Spanish. Its pretty hard because its something new for me not having a companion speak Spanish but we will work harder on his Spanish and it will all get better in time! Its helping me a lot with my patience but I totally love it such a new experience! I know that this is to help Elder Vake to become a better a missionary!
I am really excited for La Herradura .....its going to grow so fast! I know this is my work to help build a firm foundation in the DR so that other missionaries will come and pick the fruit! love you all have a great week! 

Good Bye to Elder Perez

Hey guys! How is it going today was a sad day. My comp left to go to another area! Now I am a step dad! I am helping a missionary finish his training he only has a few months! We are gonna teach him Spanish! I cant wait to work with him! Hes from Texas he is a Tongan. Hes so dope I cant wait to work with him we are gonna see miracles! We are very excited to work here and to show the Lord what we got! Hes super happy and has a great attitude! I dont really know him that much I will get to know him more this week then I will let you guys know how hes like! I am so happy to be with him I know he will help me a lot to be a better missionary and I hope I can teach him more as well!

This week was a little wet.... there was a lot of rain so we didn't have too many lessons because we couldn't get to the next lesson but all was well! My last companion Elder Perez wow what an amazing missionary. He helped me so much last transfer we worked hard! My comp taught me the importance of love and kindness he taught it on another level! It was a great lesson! I will forever remember that transfer! 
I am here to make an area very strong! I love this area! The people are amazing. It's a little hard to get there attention but I know we will help a couple people this week! Love you all! Miss you all! Have a spiritual filled week! 

Elder Perez is leaving :(

We made kites out of sticks and bags :)

Spreading the Gospel like Wild Fire

Hey guys wow what a week and wow the transfer is almost over what? My week started out with a talk on Sunday! It was different to see only 20 people in front of me but definitely easier to get everyone's attention! I talked about the Savior and his atonement. I talked a little about how we should understand the feeling of that pain that Christ felt so that we may realize, we needed those things to happen for us to be able to repent of our sins! I talked about Alma 7:11-13 so that the people would be able to understand and have a better experience taking the sacrament! I loved that opportunity and I definitely felt the spirit!

The branch is getting better, we are starting to have branch night in one of the members house each week! It was so cool even though it wasn't a big turnout we still bonded as a branch! President will finally get a 1st counselor soon. He did everything by himself, so now he will have someone to help him! how great! It will help us also because we do a lot for him to take the pressure off! 
Its crazy that a member left with us everyday this week! It made me so happy that the people really do want to change things here its so cool! Everything is getting better every week! Thanks for all the prayers, they are working! I really do love this gospel its truly amazing to have the truth it just keeps me going! Hey we might not have a lot of people but I know that things will take time here and it will just spread like wild fire! I know this gospel is completely true and I want my testimony to be so firm so that I remain faithful to the day I see my Savior! I know this church is true! I love the work of the Lord! 
Elder Santacruz

I have a CHICK in the mission

Four year old Emanuel

Mission Leader to Guatemala