Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Halloween

Hello to all! Wow this week was so awesome and really hard! First, we have been teaching around 5 families and they are all so cool! Wow two families have been reading everything and they really want to go to church this week! We really need them to go so that we can put a date with them! We are gonna work so hard!
My comp is Elder Vake is still new and hes working on his Spanish. Its pretty hard because its something new for me not having a companion speak Spanish but we will work harder on his Spanish and it will all get better in time! Its helping me a lot with my patience but I totally love it such a new experience! I know that this is to help Elder Vake to become a better a missionary!
I am really excited for La Herradura .....its going to grow so fast! I know this is my work to help build a firm foundation in the DR so that other missionaries will come and pick the fruit! love you all have a great week! 

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