Monday, December 1, 2014

Spiritual Gym......... ONE YEAR

Well this week was so bomb! I was able to hear the words of the Prophet! It was so great and I learned so much. Wow what a spiritual hunger I had! I was so active in the conference, I was writing everything down that called my attention! I would have to say that Holland just called my attention the most with fasting and fast offerings. I love it! I was listining so closely! I hope each and everyone of you guys paid close attention to everything that they said to us. Wow I love conference I was thinking........  its our spiritual gym. We have to get strong and we have to get ready for the game and be ready for those 6 months to fight against Satan! So I hope we worked out hard!Other than that we had found more familes this week and we have been trying to meet our goals and have most of our lessons with members. It was so great! Its a little hard though to take the members with us because we have so many mountains to climb hahah by the end of the day the members are so tired! We had a blast this week! We are always having fun! My comp is a beast he always gives me "animo" (encourages me) I love him hes such a good example to me! We are contacting a lot and we had so many good experiences of finding people. We love our area! There are so many people that are poor! Its great, because they are a little easier to teach them I love these people! Also...... I have officiallly completed one year! Yep now I am old in the mission haha but wow how weird! 1 year ago I left my life to serve My loving God! I love my duty as an Elder! I know Christ lives and I am so happy to be here do something really important! I know the gospel is true! love you all! - Elder Santacuz

One year tradition.... Burn a Shirt!


High on a mountain top