Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello to All

Hello everyone! This week started out with my talk on Sunday! I gave a talk on la obra misional! misionary work! It was so great! Mom I talked about you, how you are such a good example because you found the gospel and how you still want to be a better member everyday!!!!  Wow the Lord helped me so much to have the spirit. The spirit was there with everyone! I enjoyed it so much! After sacrament, the whole ward came to me and said that they felt the spirit so strong, that my testimony helped them so much!
Also we had an activity!!! We planned it really well! We called it viaje al cielo! Trip to Heaven! It was so cool. We had different rooms the celestial room, terrestrial, telestial, paradise, and prision. We put an explanation in each room, it was so cool. Each missionary was in a room talking about the kingdom and it was awesome because a lot of people showed up to the activity and the members brought their friends! My week was super awesome!
Also this week an inactive family that we have been teaching for a while is now officially reactivated! They told us before we started teaching them that they hadn't gone to church for 8 years!!!! How awesome is that?! Well that is my week! I hope you liked it because I sure did! 
Me encanto La mision! Es algo muy especial para mi! Se que este evangelio es verdadero! Se sin una duda! Vamos a disfrutar la bendicion que tenemos! Les quiero!!!!! MUCHO!!! Me encanto siendo un misionero!!
Activity with the Zone

One of our rooms

Another room

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