Thursday, August 28, 2014

Los Frutos de la Mision

Hello family! Wow this week was just so amazing! Do you guys remember the first week that Elder Centeno arrived that we found a prophet! We found a guy that saw Jesus Christ in a vision and that he told him that Christ would restore the gospel through a prophet. We gave him a pamphlet of the restoration and yeah that's it... and we never returned cause he lives really far! This week we were contacting and we found a little path that led to this little village that he lives in and we passed by his house and he was there! We talked with him for an hour and he was so happy to see us! He had a couple of questions about the pamphlet which he read the whole thing! He asked if the church still has the authority from God and if we were still in the apostasy! We told him everything and told him about Joseph Smith and that he saw a vision and after we had asked him if he had any complaints or comments he said that he had been praying about these things and he said that this church has everything that Jesus had we he started his church. Really this is such a good sentence to hear!!! We had asked him to be baptized and he accepted and he accepted the book of Mormon and he said he would read it!!! That visit with him was really so uplifting for me especially in this area that has been pretty hard to find people! He gave the closing prayer and it was so beautiful I felt the spirit, my heart was pounding so hard, I could just feel the love and help from the Lord! WOW! Just gives me goose bumps typing these words! Im freaking happy!!!!! WELL this is my crazy week story and I love each and everyone of you guys! Miss you!
I know this gospel is true and that I could never doubt it! I have the truth in my life! This mission is for me! I love being a missionary! God loves all!
Love your Elder SANTACRUZ

My Amazing Mission President

My district after playing soccer

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