Thursday, August 28, 2014

D&C 123:13

Well Hello my loved ones!!! I am really sorry that my English stinks... uhh every one says that my Spanish is better than my English hahah gosh! Don't worry I'm not gonna come home and only know Spanish haha but just don't make fun of my grammar! haha
This week we left with members every day! How great is that!? The sad thing is it was only the young men not the families but everything is getting better! We left with two young men this week that have their papers in and they want to leave as much as they can with us, so that is great!
One thing that I noticed is that in our area we have been working with less actives more than anything! We don't really have that many investigators that are progressing but there is this boy named Rosfreily. He is gonna get baptized in August he is so prepared and he has studied everything. He is a member of the Garcia family. One by one, each of the family members are going to get baptized so we will keep working with him!
This week I was feeling down and a little frustrated that the work is going a little slow here in San Fran but I saw a scripture that I wrote in my journal that's in the front!
Por lo tanto consumamos y agotemos nuestras vidas dando a conocer todas las cosas ocultas de las tinieblas, hasta donde las sepamos, y en verdad estas se manifiestan  de los cielos. D&C 123;13
This scripture helps me so much whenever I feel down or need a boost!
I know that scriptures help us daily and I am so happy I have them in my life.
But that was my week and that the most important thing I have to share is that this gospel is true and that I will spend my life serving for my Heavenly Father to have all of his children to be with him!
Love you all! Miss you!
Shout out to my boy Garth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck on you Farewell talk bro!!!!!!!!
Elder Santacruz!

Family Night will the Coolest family


Thumbs up!

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