Thursday, August 28, 2014

Les Quiero

Hello friends and family! Wow this week was a little hard for us. We had church this Sunday and the ward here is being so lazy the bishopric is getting lazy. They showed up late to church! The young men are not taking their calling seriously. I know that we are going to help this ward! We have been talking to the President of the stake and our mission President to help more with this ward so I know this ward is gonna progress this transfer I can feel it! Don't worry I'm not leaving this ward without giving it energy to work!!!!!!!
Also this week we visited new people and found new investigators so it makes me happy that we are finding new people! As for right now we are still contacting and finding new people! That's all I have this week guys love you all!
Elder Santacruz!

Rainy Day

Service project and we used machettes

Muddy Shoes

Selfie Sunday

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