Tuesday, May 27, 2014

San Fran Yo!

Hola a Todos Como Estan!
I am loving San Fran its Crazy! I am learning so much everyday, my Spanish is getting really good my companion tells me he is surprised that I had 2 american companions and that my Spanish is so good. My week was a little tough but I love it, I like a little challenge..... hehe This Sunday was crazy, we had a member faint during third hour and I tried to help. I helped pick her up with a member and then all of a sudden I hear a rippppp hahah My pants ripped right in half hahahahah funny story. My companion was the only one that saw but we were dying when I told him to help me make my way to the bathroom. haha We walked home and I changed my pants haha. A couple of members saw... hahah awkward.....That same day we were teaching a lesson with a investigator whose name is Juan. He's so cool, he's 16 years old and he kinda reminds me of me. He's having problems with his parents and I told him that through this gospel the spirit will be with him and that he can feel more comfortable in the house. He knows English and he loves music from the states and we talk about music all the time.
That's all folks for this week! Thank you for reading another email of my crazy life haha 
Love you all Mucho! Peace be unto you all 
Love from Elder HOLYCROSS.......(Santacruz)

Beautiful San Francisco

P-day fun

We love our Elder Santacruz

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