Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Area

Well everyone I got transferred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am out of Cristo Rey! Thank you so much for everything, for all the support. You guys have helped me so much! I got transferred to an area called.... Sanfrancisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This area is crazy! haha I think brother Perry served in this area so make sure you tell him! I had a great time in Cristo Rey. Thank you so much for my birthday presents.That was so awesome of you guys to do that! I seriously loved it!!!!!!!
You guys are awesome!
My companion is Elder Feliz. He is a Dominican. He only speaks Spanish and I am living with 3 Latins and none of them know English haha. I am all good, everything is great! I have to cut it short because the power went out and I don't have a lot of time but love you all!!!!!!!!! Miss you! 
Elder Santacruz 
Thanks for all the wishes!!!!

Happy Birthday Elder Santacruz

Our family made him a birthday video and this is him watching it.
He loved it. Special thanks to Elisa on the right for contacting me to make it and putting his party together!

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