Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Lord's Work

This week we worked our butts off! We have been trying to find people and we have been trying to work with the less actives because there are so many in this ward its ridiculous! This week a family member died from family in our ward and we went over to help out with anything. We shared a scripture with them and the lesson was so spiritual. My words were not my words in the lesson. The family was better after the lesson. They were smiling and they were a little bit happier. I love this family they are the best.
Also this week was testimony meeting and I figured that I might be leaving this ward so I should bear my testimony. When I was looking at the ward I knew that my time here was worth it. There were people that I helped stay strong in the church and people that were less actives who became active strong members, and converts who became members it was great! I definitely didn't waste my time in Cristo Rey. The spirit was definitely in the chapel and it helped me express my testimony to the ward in Cristo Rey! This week was a great one!
Well this month is practically over, going into the month of May now. Wow time is flying but I miss you all love you all! I hope you all make it a great week!
Elder Santacruz

Happier than Ever!

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