Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Exito! Success

Hello everyone! This week! was of course successful! We worked a lot with the members and that is what makes me happy more anything, when the members work with the missionaries! I am adjusting to the area! Its crazy that I am living with Latins haha Sometimes I start talking and I forget that I have to talk in Spanish so I start talking in English and they're like COMO (what) haha its funny then I start speaking Spanish! They all ask me questions about English I try to help them. They all want to learn English, so that's good! This week we had some lessons that were just full of apostasy like people are so crazy sometimes. We had a lesson with a guy who was saying that he doesn't believe in the second coming, gosh what has the world come to!
Guess what! The whole zone is going to the beach next week were are going to Nagua, our mission president is so awesome!
 We have an investigator named Memphrey. We were teaching the whole family but none of them want to go to church except Memphry, he goes by himself! He's so cool, he has 14 years but the problem is the family is Catholic and the mom wants the whole family to be Catholic so we are going to have to work hard with them! That's what happened this week! It was pretty great! Other than that! I want to give a shout out to MY SIS AND MY POPS HAPPY CUMPLEANOS!!!
Elder Santacruz!

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