Wednesday, June 18, 2014

La Obra Missional (The Missionary Work)

This week was definitely a challenge but every time I write you guys I feel like I overcame a challenge and I'm stronger!! Yeah! Well I have some good news! The family that we have been teaching, FAMILIA GARCIA, have been preparing to get baptized. The mother, she is so awesome and sweet. She was living with her husband but they weren't married. She bore her testimony this last Sunday of what she knows to be true and she told us the next day she doesn't want to be with her husband anymore so she kicked him out of the house so that she could get baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How crazy is that she is so awesome I will take pictures with the family this week to show you them. The oldest daughter is getting baptized on Saturday. She is ready, she knows everything! These people are so humble they are fairly poor but I'm so happy that they will be rich with blessings!
WOW every time I look back I just think of all that has happened here and I am so grateful for all the things I have experienced! I love being a MISSIONARY! Having the name ELDER SANTACRUZ! Man time is flying by..... I just have to work even harder. No time to waste! This week we had a training meeting with the members and it went well. We are hoping the members will work harder with us! We are hoping that it showed them that they can trust us. There are so many bad missionaries who do tigre things so the members don't trust missionaries for that reason. We are already gaining their trust! Well the Lord is definitely helping out!!! ESTOY FELIZ! 
D&C 4:1-2

 Here are some beautiful pictures from this weeks special trip to the beach. Elder Santacruz definitely enjoyed himself to the fullest and the Dominican Republic looks absolutely beautiful in these pictures.

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