Thursday, October 10, 2013

And He's Off!

Hi everyone! This is Ronald's sister Cynthia and I will be the one keeping up his blog for him while he is away. Yesterday morning October 9, 2013 we all woke up early to take Ronald to the airport and see him off. It was a beautiful and perfect morning for his departure! I am not going to say much because we all know how goodbyes go but I will say that he is super excited to go. He had a long day yesterday because of all the flights he had to get on, but we know that he should safely be in the Dominican Republic(DR) now! We have a cool story already, my mother tried calling the Dominican Republic temple to put Ronald's name on the prayer role and without knowing she accidentally called the MTC in the DR. The man who answered was President Freestone(hopefully I spelled that right). My mom was a little confused as to who she called and when President Freestone told her it was the MTC she apologized and said she was trying to call the temple to put her sons name on he prayer role because he just left for a mission to the DR. He told her that it had been the second time someone has tried to do that but accidentally called the MTC. He continued to talk to my mom, asking where he flew out of. My mother told him his flight route and he then asked..... Is your son Elder Ronald Santacruz? The look on my mothers face was amazing as she replied, YES!! She was happy to hear the President tell her that his flight had just left Dallas TX and that they are keeping track of him. He also told her that he should get to the MTC in the DR around 12 am their time, 9 pm our time and that he would probably get to sent a quick email letting us know he is safe. President Freestone was so nice and was willing to answer any of my mothers questions. She didn't want to intrude with a wave of questions but she did ask what day they had their P-Day on and he said Thursdays but he also said that Ronald wouldn't get his first P-day because Thursday (today) is practically when he gets there and he needs to do orientation. He told my mom not to worry because he is in good hands and said that we should be hearing from him soon in one way or another to let us know he is OK. The little talk she had with President Freestone helped a lot with her knowing that people are looking out for her baby boy. It is just the beginning of many awesome stories to come and we are so proud of Elder Ronald Santacruz and his desire to serve the Lord. We know that he will be blessed by his decision and that he will have the time of his life! I will leave will a few pictures from this mornings departure. They are a little sad but normal for goodbyes. We love you Elder!
Elder Ronald Santacruz

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