Sunday, August 23, 2015

One doesn't work without the other...

Well.... another great week here in Sabaneta! We are seeing miracles all over the place! I gotta talk about the VECINO, the neighbor first because he is so cool! The neighbor is progressing more and more, we put his date for the 1st of August! We set if for that day because his girlfriend is coming down from the states for these next two weeks and so we will do it if he is willing to make sacrifices. We talked about the law of Chastity and we really hope that he won't do anything dumb with her. He needs all the help he can get so please pray for him that he wont fall into temptation. He sounds so pumped to be baptized and he has that desire to change. We hope the best for him but what has been really cool is that some nights we have been reading the book of mormon right before he goes to bed and he is starting to get used to everything. Also this last Sunday he went to church on his own and he got there on time at 9:00 exactly. We will see what happens this week! 

We are teaching a family and we have been teaching for about a month now. They haven't had the time to go to church because they always go out of town but this Sunday the father and the daughter went to church. It's great to see the father finally wanting to learn more. They have so many friends in the church because they were our reference from the branch president! What we haven't been doing is we haven't been visiting them that much weekly so that is what we need to change! 

This last Saturday, we had a lesson with a less active member. She is a mother of three kids. I took a picture with two of the kids. The little girl does poses haha. The mom lost her husband two years ago and around that time, she fell away from the church. We have been helping her with her family home evenings and also we have been helping her try to let go of what happened to her husband. She needs to move on with her life. She is getting so much better, the other day we got to her house and she tells us that she had read three chapters of the book of mormon on her own. Usually we have to try to push her to read the book of mormon but this time she did it on her own which was great! She is motivating herself! The other day we shared a great message with her which the scripture is in Corinthians 12: 20-22 and it talks about how even the weak ones are necessary which I think it is so cool how it talks about each part of the body being necessary and that one part doesn't work without the other! 

So many great things are happening and it is so cool to see more and more people interested in knowing about the gospel! The church is true I love this gospel, Christ lives always, and this work is only gonna get bigger! 
Love all of you guys have a good week!
E. Santacruz

Said goodbye to my great friend Elisaura. See you again soon. Congratulations on your marriage.

Leaonidas and his madre

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