Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sabaneta til the End

​Hello everyone! Guess what!?! I am gonna stay here in Sabaneta for sure. I am gonna finish my mission here! Yes! I know that because I have to kill my companion... that means he is gonna finish his mission in 6 weeks and then I am gonna leave 4 weeks after that. Wow I only have 10 more weeks isn't that crazy​. Yeah I am excited to know that I am gonna finish here! This week was so great! It first started with Leaonidas our Investigator!

He went to church again that's so cool. We are starting to notice that he really has the desire to be baptized but he needs a lot of prayers! He is such a great guy! We both love him so much! One thing we need to work on is him going to church on time but also he needs to go to church on his own just so he doesn't get used to us taking him every week! Other than that he always talks about his date! He is like so I am still getting baptized on the 25th right? so that helps us know that he is still excited! 

Also on Sunday we sang the song glorious by David Archileta in the movie meet the mormons. It was a duet with my comp and I and Hermana Frost playing the piano and wow it was so cool. First time singing in church and it was so special everyone felt the spirit I wanted to do it because I have never sang in church and I knew that mom would have wanted me to do it! After we sang, everyone was like wow you guys need to sing every week! haha I was like umm... nah but we sang it in Spanish! It was cool! 

Yesterday when my comp and I found out we were gonna stay together we were like yeah buddy we are gonna kill it in such little time. So much work to do! Our goals are to have a member leave with us everyday! That a goal that we really want to work on. I am so excited to be here and wow I am so pumped to have time still in the mission because pretty soon I will be with you guys but love you all this week will be even better promise you that! Have a good week! 

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