Saturday, July 25, 2015

Happy 4th of July

Well hello everyone! This week was an okay week we didn't have so much success like last week but hey its all good life still moves on Happy fourth of July I hope everyone enjoyed it, we did as well.

We had a barbecue planned with are investigator he is such a cool guy he is the singer that we teach. On the fourth we had everything planned we invited some members to have the barbecue with us so that he could meet new members and so everything was planned to have it at 8:00. We were going have a lesson and then eat but didn't turn out too great... when it was 8:00 he wasn't there in his house, so we called him and called him and he wouldn't answer until like 8:30 he got back and he arrived to his house drunk! Turns out he was singing at a party and they peer pressured him to drink so he was a little drunk, and it was a little sad to see him like that because he has a date set and everything. Hey we cant judge him because he is trying to live a new life and he is trying to get back on his feet so we are going to keep pushing with him and I know that was just a little mistake and the good thing is he knew he did something bad so everything is all good! 

This week we also were able to teach an Atheist, wow the first time in my mission and it was hard at first but it was really cool because we taught an american. It was so weird teaching in English it was kinda of embarrassing because the last time I taught in English was in Cristo Rey almost 1 year and six months ago. When we started testifying she was willing to pray so that was a start! I don't know how people think that God doesn't exist. People just say that because mostly atheist were Christians before they just had a bad experience in life that made them think that God doesn't exist but honestly that just means that they hate God. 

This week will be the last week of the transfer and I am kinda nervous because I think they are going to move me. I don't know but I hope not because we are having so much success! I know that Lord will send me where ever he needs me! I hope you all enjoyed my week and I miss you all and hope that your guys's week was great just as much as mine. 

Elder Santacruz

boy can he play

We are teaching their mom. Love these girls

Youngest is a poser

I'm a Mexican American


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