Saturday, July 25, 2015

Temple Time

Hello everyone!!! Wow this week was so special!!!! I will never forget this week because I went to the Temple!!!! It was just a spiritual week. It made me stronger, even more now to just finish my mission strong. 

It all started on Friday, we had to go a day earlier because its four hours from here to the temple. We slept in Santiago because Santiago is in the middle of Sabaneta and the capital but wow Friday was great because I got to hang out with some good buddies Elder Hollingsworth and Perez remember them? They are such good buddies, they are in the office so they have a truck and were able to take us to the temple. So that Friday we helped them around the office. 

That Saturday we got to the temple at 8:00 in the morning and wow I couldn't believe that I haven't been to the temple for so long. It's been about 1 year and 7 months FLIP haha but wow right when we got in the temple I felt the spirit right away. We did a session and the coolest thing was that I did the session in Spanish and I was a little greenie last time. Funny thing, everyone was asking how much time do you guys have in the MTC? We were like hahaha we have like a year and 7 months almost finishing the mission but wow I was just balling my eyes out in the celestial room. I was saying my prayers and we could really feel the spirit. That was really the highlight of my week! I loved it so much I can't wait to go back in a few months! 

But other than that my comp and I are working hard with the President of the branch. He is the best leader I have ever known. He is just so humble and such a hard worker! He had a good week with the members, they are finally working now. We had 9 lessons with them last week we will see how many we'll get this week! I love you guys so much I hope you enjoyed my week. Have a good week! Keep working hard, I know that the gospel is true and that temples are true... They are for us to be able to be sealed to our families by the power from the heavens but I I know for a fact my family will be sealed forever by God, by his divine power.... the CHURCH is TRUE Christ is real and ALIVE here with us in the name of Christ AMEN!:) 

Elder Santacruz

I cant keep calm hahaha

Fish pedicure

We signed up right away!

La PLaya

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I love to see the temple

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