Saturday, July 4, 2015

Elder Santacruz Turns 20!

Hello everyone!!!! :) Wow what a week! First I would like to thank you all for wishing me a happy birthday! It was so great!!! It was really special too! I cant believe I am 20 now... wow I am still young! haha

The coolest thing ever was on Monday, it was a holiday here so on holidays everyone goes to the river! so... my district decided to plan a service during our proselyting time and so we were gonna dig a whole but it turns out that the whole was a surprise birthday party haha it was so great! It was so cool to see Elisaura she went all the way to Sabaneta to throw me a birthday party. She is such a great friend! Wow thanks guys for the video that was so special to me I LOVE MY FAMILY! It feels so weird that I am 20? Wow where has time gone! Well I am not a teenager any more dang so i guess that comes with more respect haha just kidding! 

With my comp, this comp has been a little slow he is kinda tired of working it makes me a little annoyed because all he is thinking about is going home and it doesn't help the work grow. I have been trying to keep my ANIMO up. The prayers are definitely working. The work is getting better little by little it's just that I'm limited and its sometimes hard but I can handle it don't worry about!:) Love you all thanks for this week! I am so excited to skype you guys this Sunday! Wow we're to our last phone call flip! haha but I think the time will be at 3:00 o'clock here so hopefully you guys can make that time! but miss you all and see ya on Sunday! 

elder santacruz

When Elder realized it was a surprise for him 

The one who made it all possible. Thank you Elisa

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