Saturday, July 25, 2015

Put myself in his shoes

SO this week was just great! Do you guys know why it was great?, because it was filled with obedience, dedication, ​and full of hard work! I loved it. My comp and I are just having the same vision, he in Sabaneta and we want to work! My comp and I are just hitting it off great! We are just goof balls just playing around with each other. 

One thing that happened this week is first the lesson with Blas Bueno, he is an old investigator that my comp had when he started his mission here. He is a father and a husband and is one smart guy. He is actually a lawyer so that shows how smart he is but wow he is progressing great now he actually has a date for the 4th of July and we want to involve his family and really try to teach them at the same time! The other day we were teaching Blas and we reading the Book of Mormon, reading the first chapter in first Nephi. After we read it he was saying that every time we come to his house after he just sits for 30 min just thinking about the things we say to him. We were just shocked, we believe him too because he knows everything that we teach him and he knows it extremely well. In that lesson we just felt the spirit and he was saying he believes in all this stuff so we are just excited for him and praying hard so that he can reach his goals! 

Now every week I don't know if I told you guys this but we give service and we bathe an old man! He has no one and he is like 85 years and he's crippled. He can't move his legs and all he does is lay in bed all day and really its sad! We bathe him and then we have to clean a wound on his leg. I was thinking last week, like do we have to clean his leg and also how long we were going to do this for and just feeling like doctors need to do this and I was kinda complaining in my mind and just saying nope not anymore we are not qualified for this but last p day I saw a video in Mormon messages its called lift
and it helped me realize that if it's not out of love it doesn't count and that I have to put myself in his shoes..... he has no one! It helped me a lot to think about what Christ would do.... maybe he would heal him right but I am using my faith and saying that he will benefit from this one day! :) That was my week, really spiritual and the branch is getting better and better every week! I love you all and hope you all have a great week! This work is true and it is full of miracles it truly is! 

love you all 

Elder Santacruz

My friend Fran

Water has been this way for two weeks.... mission problems

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