Saturday, July 25, 2015

It's the Lord's will now

​​Hello people!!!!! How was your guys week? I hope it was great because mine was great!!! Lets start out with our neighbor/investigator. Wow he is really great, he is a little LOCO but he is so nice haha. He was a bachatero, he was into music and a lot of drugs and that was life for him but then we started teaching him a month ago. He progressed so much two days ago. He had such a spiritual lesson. We watched the restoration video and at first he didn't understand it all but then after, he had tons of questions and then we explained and he started getting it. He was just saying,"I am starting to believe it." I think those are my favorite words! :) We put a date for July 18 and he accepted and then we finished with a prayer which was so simple but sweet ¨God please let me know if this church is true and what these guys are saying is true in the name of Christ AMEN¨ I cant tell you how amazing it is hear those words from some one that is investigating the church it makes everything worth it!!! I know the progress is the hardest part but its the Lord's will now!!! Sabaneta is slowly but surely progressing. I love it, it makes me sad I only have a little time left to work! 
:( I love these people.
Well I think that's my favorite part of this week I hope you all will enjoy it Love you all! 

Elder Santacruz

My best friend!

Good Bye to our President and his wife

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