Saturday, July 25, 2015

Infite Love

​Well hello home! How did everything go this week? Did you guys like my experience last week? Well you guys are gonna like this week even better! It all started on Saturday. Every Saturday the bishopric has their meetings and they are doing them so that's always good because in this country they are terrible at doing their meetings but anyways... we asked President if we could join this week because we wanted to know what they doing and what they talking about or if they are just slacking off because we want to speed up the work a little bit. We of course want to help people with their calling because there has been members that have had the same calling for 10 years and they are practically tired of doing the same thing! They let us in the meeting and wow this meeting was the bomb the president was pumped to change callings and put new members in big callings because we feel like the new members need a responsibility and they need to have a commitment in the church. So we get in there and everything starts changing, all the callings.... everything! They were all excited and ready to see if the Lord wants these things! This place is gonna be on it's feet in NO time! As you can see I am really happy about the church being be more organized! 

Then came Sunday!!!! Wow what a treat!!! So guess what? Leonidas and Blas Bueno came to church!!! Yes!!!!!!!! The Bachatero went to church and wow it was such a blessing from the Lord. The whole night before I was praying for like an hour just saying God please help everyone be excited to go to church. Hey the Lord had answered my prayers and everyone else's. When we started seeing them come into church we were just jumping up and down in side! It's such a great feeling when you really see the people you love follow something you love the most. It's awesome that you can help them have the same feeling for it too! They both loved it, they are progressing and they are preparing themselves for their baptismal dates!!! So the Lord's work is moving here in Sabaneta! :)

On Monday we had such a spiritual district meeting and one thing that made it the best was that my topic was on the Atonement and wow I can not tell you my feelings on that topic is so strong. That is just such a blessing to talk about! All of the district was just feeling that spiritual drive when I shared Alma 7:11-12 and I invite you guys to read it but when we all read that I was just explaining the atonement and how it is for me. I was saying that Christ had to go through all of that to be able to make us feel like we are never alone and that when he was praying to his father he asked.. if there was another way but how willing he was and faithful he was to be more than happy to fulfill his fathers will because he loves him and he knows it was the plan from the beginning. I know that the atonement was for me and that Christ met me in the garden and he knew my name. I know that he knew what would happen with me that he would feel my pain! I love my Lord so much and I know the the atonement has made me be the man I am today! These things are true and Christ lives and he has his true church here on earth for us to know of his his eternal and infinite love.  
The church is true everybody so lets do something about it!!! 

Elder Santacruz

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