Saturday, July 25, 2015

Enjoy what they really have

​Hello everyone! Another good week in the mission. Elder Lopez is a great companion, he and I are getting a long so well, too well actually haha We are always laughing haha and having a good time but we are working way harder and seeing more results! The spirit is working with us more! Did I tell you guys that Elder Lopez had already worked here before in this area and he started his mission here so he knows all the members and he already knows the area so it was super cool because it does take some time to learn everything but yeah he already knows it! 

We found a family that Lopez was teaching a long time ago almost a year ago. They were so excited to see him and that they talked for a long time with him and asked him tons of questions. Lopez wanted to share with them again and so when we left the first pamphlet. The father read the whole thing and he really understood the meaning of the prophets and how the lord works with prophets. It made me really happy that they are willing to try again to see if these things are really true! 

So in the ward, president had thought of an idea that is so cool. It's about the Book of Mormon. What would happen is that we would get a Book of Mormon and each one of the members of the branch would have one night with the book in their house it would start with one member and that member would visit another family with a Book of Mormon and they would read together 1 chapter and talk about that chapter together, mark their favorite scriptures, and write down what had happened in the chapter! It would keep going until one of the books in the Book of Mormon would finish! We are going to read 3 Nephi and then when we are done we all would have an activity and talk about that chapter that they read in their home. Hopefully you guys get it but it is kicking off great, yeah its already been passed by two families and really this will help the ward want to read the BofM more! These members need to get more excited about the truth and just enjoy what they really have! 

but my week was great I loved it and I cant wait for the next one!!!! We will see what is going to happen! I am excited! Not that much time left so I need to work even harder!  Love you all have a good week! 

Shout out to my sis CYN love you happy birthday!! Wow your old hahaha just kiddin! 

love Elder Santacruz

Why are we poor?

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