Monday, May 11, 2015

It's the thought that counts

Hello family and friends! Thanks for always sending your love! This week was a little hard for me but it's all good! Those weeks definitely come and go in the mission haha 

Well my comp and I are getting better we are getting a long it's just sometimes he does some dumb things that make me think WHAT THE HECK? haha but it helps me to keep my patience. God just wants me to master that! Patience.

But changing the subject.. haha this week we found a cool investigator....well our first one!!!! So hey... we are getting somewhere! It was interesting, we found her from the area book. I was looking at the old investigators and I saw that one of them had a baptismal date but she didn't get baptized and so it was cool! She was gonna get baptized a year ago but then she lost contact with the missionaries because she moved and now she's back so we will see if she is willing to try it again! Please pray for her so that we can have someone that can progress her name is Mari! 

Also this week actually every week we get help from the patriarch and wow he so willing to talk to everyone about the gospel its so great! Every time we see him he says hey missionaries I have a reference for you guys! So that keeps me going. Most of the references say we don't have time but hey it's the thought that counts! 

My favorite part about this week was that the branch president and I were able to play basketball together, he is so great! He is such a loving man, he is always looking out for me and always gives me a big hug. So when we played basketball together we really had a bonding moment and I have definitely gained his trust but wow he can play! haha 

Don't worry about me I am fine! Everyday when I get on my knees it gets all better! My friends in the mission have been helping me, they are awesome! Thanks for everything guys love you all so much! Have a good week! 

love elder santacruz

We help a member with her bakery shop ever week!

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  1. I love reading your blog posts! It's a real look on what a missionary does in the field! You set a great example for others!