Monday, May 11, 2015

Living with a Mexican

Hello everyone I don't have any time because there is only three internet places in town and two of them are closed and I am sharing a computer with my comp but wow what a crazy week. First off with my comp... we started off on the wrong note. My comp has a bad reputation in the mission for being the most disobedient missionary there is. That's what other missionaries were saying now. My comp is a little rough around the edges and I was completely nervous because he doesn't really get along with his comps and his attitude is kinda like he is here just to be here but I know that this week I have tried to give him all my love! I have seen the difference, he trusts me a lot now. He told me something that he has never told any one else and I was really grateful to see that he has put his trust in me! President had put me in this area because he said that there has been some disobedient missionaries before me and I can see the members didn't really trust them but now I things are changing. We have received 4 references already in these past few days and right there I am seeing trust from the members. Its going great, there is so much work to do but that's what makes it so much better! My comp is awesome and I am seeing changes in him already, he talks to me about his future and he is worried about it so we will see what he will do to try to finish his mission strong! We have a great time together, we talk all the time now and his favorite word is PINCHI hahahah Yep he is a Mexican haha but love you all and I hope you have a good week! 
elder santacruz

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  1. Hey, Élder cuál es el correo de su Misión para no perder la comunicación