Monday, May 11, 2015

Conference is like Christmas

Hey you guys! I Got transferred to.... Campo!!!  They are sending me in the middle of no where! Its called Sabaneta! It's 2 hours from Santiago and its such a hot village!
I think this is gonna be my last area! Crazy! My companion is a Mexican! hahah and wow he is crazy but I love his personality already. He doesn't care what people think about him but I still have to get to know him more! My district is only of four missionaries and the hermanas seem pretty cool, they like working with the elders and I am in another branch! I heard the president is new and he loves to work with the elders! I hope he does because that just makes the work so much easier. They say they do activities every week and that makes it really fun.

I said my goodbyes in La Herradura and wow it was so sad My whole family is there and they have been around me for so long, they think I am part of the family! I will definitely visit that area again before I go home! I definitely feel that I have accomplished so much there especially my last two transfers there. The area is expecting four baptisms and a family will get baptized! Carlos, the investigator is now in Mosiah and he went to go see conference and he loved it!! 
His baptismal date is on the 25 of this month so he will be a powerful member and who knows he could be a missionary!

Now the best part of this week was definitely conference  I hope you guys enjoyed it because I sure did! I love the talk by Elder Holland and really I loved the story of the boys. When the boy had to jump and reach for the edge and his brother had helped him from falling over! Wow I almost cried! I hope you guys watched and enjoyed every second of it! It's so funny that conference is like Christmas for us we are all writing down everything we hear and are going crazy like... wow, did you hear that! haha its so spiritual but I hope you all have a great week! Love you all! Bye

E. Santacruz

Last day at the house I was staying at in La Herradura

Restaurant after Conference

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