Monday, May 11, 2015

Sabaneta Rocks!

Hello everyone! How was your week!? I hope it was good! I am sorry that I couldn't write that much last week. This town is tiny and it only has 3 internet places haha and only one was working!
Well this week turned out great I am not gonna lie it was pretty tough at first because my comp and I kinda got in an argument, my comp has an easy temper! Luckily we worked it out and after that day we worked out and now we have been great ever since. My comp said that he doesn't like Americans but he is starting to warm up to me more haha don't worry God will help me keep my patience. I do love him though, he is an interesting guy! He is the only member in his family and he had a crazy life before!

So I told you guys that we have a new president in the branch and wow he is a powerful guy I will take a picture with him this week. Wow he is so special, he works so hard!  He is the poorest man in the branch. He has three boys and a supportive wife! This week he was trying to help us so much he wanted to leave with us a lot and he was also at every meeting. He sure does make me happy because he is a hard working leader! It is just what this branch needs because a lot of the members say that almost half of the town are less actives! We are going to change that! My district was so happy because they have been here for a long time and they hadn't seen any progress in this area and now they are finally seeing it! Those were the best things that happened this week!

I am loving every single second here! Sabaneta rocks! I know it will grow a ton and I am so excited to see it happen!
love you all and I am so happy that I am a worker in the Lords vineyard!

Shout out to my sister!!! ASHLEY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
E. Santacruz

Member of the bishopric his name is Machuca
Elder Pinales
This is what hard work looks like

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