Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Living Prophet?.... No way!

Hey guys! 

It all started out on Sunday! We had a family come to church this week! Their names are Ramon and Sulieny and they have a month with us and they love taking the lessons. They definitely feel the spirit with us and what is cool is they have date already. They really do want to get baptized and married! Their date is set for the 2nd of May. At first I was bummed that no one came to church but they came to the 2nd hour and when I saw them I was so happy! I looked at my comp and we were like ohhhh yeah buddy!!! They definitely enjoyed it! When we went to their house this week they were like wow church was great. What was even better was when we said that we will have conference this Sunday and said the prophet will be speaking, she said," a living prophet? No way... Oh well I am definitely going!" haha so that was neat!

Update on Carlos and Eliseo, they didn't go to church this week because they didn't have any money. They have to pay for a taxi to get to church and they are really poor but we said that next week we will take them and they said," yes okay we are definitely going for sure now! 

Also with Ricardo and Yokeidis, they have been having some health problems so they are not focused so much like before but when they get over their sickness they will be back on track, they didn't go to church but its okay they'll try next week! 

Also guess what Elisaura, Matas fiance, my reactivated member left with us on Friday! It was so cool to see her! Wow she has progressed sooooo much! She is such a faithful member! She will be a leader in the church one day and a powerful one as well! 
That was my amazing week and I hope you enjoyed it! 

Shout out to Hermana Steele, Welcome home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you!

E. Santacruz


Service... its what we do!

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