Saturday, April 4, 2015

It's a Companionship of Three

Hey guys!

This week started out with a conference that we had from Elder Martinez, hes a member of the seventy. He talked with us and wow he taught so many things! One thing he talked about that caught my attention was when he talked about the companionship's. He said its not a companionship of just two, its a companionship of three! The two missionaries and God! Also something he said is, where ever we are and whoever we talk to its as if Christ was talking to them and that we are directed by him. There are people waiting for this message. I loved that! 

Hey so remember how I said that we received like 20 references! Yeah we received more and we got up to 28 last week! It was great! We are teaching so many new people and its pretty crazy we don't have enough time to teach them all! haha so  we are trying to be more organized.. but hey there is tons of work which is always great! 

So Carlos and Eliseo have baptismal dates, they have their dates for the 25th of April. I don't think I will be here when they get baptized but its okay its not my baptism its Christs! I know they are gonna get baptized because they feel that the Book of Mormon is true, its just a matter of time when they say yes to everything!
I think the Lord has been helping us out so much....and you know why I think he has been helping out so much?.....

Two weeks ago I said to my comp," hey so if we are members and we are trying to be examples, why don't we ever read the scriptures together or say prayers at night right before we go to bed or ever have family home evenings? We practically are a couple! I said to him I want to prepare myself for when I have a wife and a family. So that when I have all that I will used to doing it. So... we started doing it and he and I are best friends, we don't argue and don't complain as much. You will always see a smile on our faces and for that I do testify that those things help a marriage and a family. I testify that the spirit is stronger when those things are put in practice! 

I love the gospel!!!I see a change in me and I love serving the Lord! I stand all amazed of the things I have learned and applied to my life. I am grateful for the leaders in the church and I know they have the power to guide us here on earth and they receive revelation from God!
love you all 
Elder Santacruz

Zone Conference

My Jamaican Friend

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