Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fullness of the Gospel is in our hands

Hello everybody!! Feliz Marzo!

​What made my week was, we have been teaching a family and this family is amazing. They are so awesome, they are like family for us! They believe everything that we say. We were teaching them el plan de salvación ​and they loved everything! This family has 3 kids and they are so special. They are so in love and they pray every night together and they pray by themselves.
They have been asking God if these things are true and they are asking if they should get re-baptized. We feel the spirit in every lesson with them and it is so amazing!!!!! It makes me so happy. They still need to get married, they are just together but they are planning on getting married. We set a date with them and its for April 4th so we will see if they go to church and everything. They accepted and they really want get an answer! Their names are Hna Ricardo and Hno Gutierez but coolest couple I have ever met! 

Also this week the branch will be moving to another town, we wont be in a house anymore we will be in a chapel! It will be pretty hard but hey.... I am totally ready for it. Ready to help the members have some energy! It will be interesting for the next 5 weeks. I have faith in my home in La Herradurra!

My week.... it was so great! Two thumbs up! Love you all miss you! Christ lives and his church is here on the earth we have the fullness of the gospel in our hands I love the mission work! 

Shout out to my Bro Denny, Firefighter Hawkins!!! Love you

That amazing family

Im right here!

Beautiful sunsets in my area

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