Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hellos and Goodbyes

Well hello everyone! I sure enjoyed this week wow it will be remembered forever! This week we had our baptism! We baptized Emmanuel Gutierez Reyes! He is the first of his brothers but not the last. the baptism was so awesome! Even though there wasn't a lot of support from the branch it was so spiritual! I love this family! They said the next time we pass by their house that the other two boys want to get baptized!!!! It was so cool! We will we need to work with dad also so that all of them can be together.

Also guess what!! I am not leaving the area!! haha I will have almost 8 months by the end of this transfer! I am still will my comp. Wow that's a lot of time but I am happy! I want to help this branch even more. In two weeks we will be moving to a chapel in another town so I wonder how the members are gonna act but will see. I have faith that they will pull through! 

I am kinda sad that one Elder got transferred... Elder Hollingsworth. Him and I have had 6 months together we arrived together but I guess we aren't gonna leave together. Oh well but wow he is probably my best friend here in the mission. He is like a brother to me and we get a long so well! You always see us laughing when we are together. We have seen so much together the ups and downs but I will miss him.
My week was excellent! loved it so much! 
love you all!
E. Santacruz

Not the Last of Elder Hollingsworth. He will be missed

Emmanuel on his baptismal day

So excited for him!

Reyes family. His brothers are next!

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