Sunday, March 1, 2015

Keystone to our Religion

Hello guys! You will not believe how happy I am to have such a great comp! I love him!

Hes such a cool guy! You will not see us not laughing we are always cracking up and enjoying the work together! He is so humble! He is willing to do whatever I say! If we should go to that house or not to that house or if we should clean the house hes like yeah okay lets do it! I am like yeah!!!! Im like okay yeah lets do it!!!!!! In our first week we have already seen success. We had a family go to church that I have been teaching for a while now. So that was pretty cool! 

Also a couple that we have been teaching have been progressing. We had a lesson with the wife two days ago and the lesson was so spiritual. We talked about how the book of Mormon is the key stone to our religion. She heard our testimonies and she could feel the spirit strong enough that she was crying... tears of joy! I love that couple! They love us too the reason we know they love us is because they feed us always. That's how you know someones has love and trust for you in this country haha yeah buddy!
I loved this week! Love you guys thanks for fixing my card! You guys rock sorry that was a pain but everything is all worked out! 

Flippin Amazing!
Guatemala and Arizona 
Elder Galvez and Elder Santacruz


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