Sunday, March 1, 2015

God sent you

Wow this week I felt so great! Oh wait... Hi guys haha

Anyways this week it all started with a guy named Brian Honore. He is from the Bahamas, he was born and raised there and all of his family lives there. One day he went to the states because one day a guy asked him if he wanted to make some money and so what he did was help on a boat. They were taking shipment to the US, little did he know that there were smuggling illegal immigrants from Haiti so they all went to Haiti they got deported! He was in Haiti for 2 years and now he has 6 months here and he has been fighting to go back but they haven't been excepting him to go back so we have been helping him. We found him a lawyer so he can get him some help. The problem is that he is living on the streets and so we have been helping him. You know some of that stuff that you guys sent to me well......yea I gave that to him. He needed it more than I did and he is in the process of going back but he had lasted 30 months on his own not knowing french, Creole, or Spanish. He has been on his own without family! When he got all this help from us he was just like God sent you guys and he just started crying and just thanking me every 5 minute. He was just giving me tons of hugs haha he such a cool guy!
That was my favorite part of my week. My comp went home and now I have a missionary! My comps from Guatemala he seems pretty cool so we will se how thing go I know it will be a good transfer I can feel it! 

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