Sunday, March 1, 2015

Christmas Spirit

Wow! I just love the Christmas spirit! This week I was sick and I still have a bad cough and fever but don't worry I am still working! I still have to work! haha but this week my comp and I worked really hard and we have been sharing this video and we have just been sharing the Christmas spirit!

We met so many people it was so cool! We practically know everyone in our area! Hopefully we can start teaching some of the people! The work is still pretty hard we haven't had a lot of success which kinda stinks but I know that we will find someone ready to hear the gospel and accept it! Other than that we had our Christmas conference yesterday with the missionaries in the mission it was so cool! and the best part is that we had a turkey dinner and my plate had a pile of mashed potatoes I love our President, he is the best! It was really spiritual, President talked about how we can arrive to be Peter! and how he changed through his time with Christ! 
but I love you guys! Until next week! Feliz Navidad! 
Les Amo!
Elder Santacruz!

Christmas Caroling

Christmas Devotional

Christmas dinner

All my peeps

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