Sunday, March 1, 2015

I am Grateful

Hello everyone! wow the best holiday just hit!!!
I am grateful................
God, Family, the gospel, the book of Mormon, the prophet, Christ, the mission, temples, soda, pizza, toilets, hot water, 24 hour electricity, really heavy duty shoes, mud, my investigators, the members, the Dominican Republic!!!!....
I am grateful for everything and everything is a blessing! 


I had a great week! My comp and I are getting better little by little I am getting more trust so that's great! The main story this week is a really spiritual lesson that was so great! We have a couple that we are teaching and one day we shared the restoration video and they watched it with us and they felt the spirit so strong, they were saying such cool things like...... yeah we have been praying and we think these things are true... I feel that God is trying to tell us something!!!!! I was so happy I was going crazy at night time when I was going to bed! Thanks to god none of that would have happen! Its crazy how people can change in an a second! love it! So we will see their progress in the future! 

Also a our secretary, mission leader left on his mission to Guatemala on Tuesday. He is such a good friend it was a little sad but great at the same! Stinks now because we don't have a secretary or a mission leader hahaha oh well its all good! 

But yeah tomorrow we are gonna go cook a little lunch with chicken and mashed potatoes at the church with the district its gonna be cool! Ill take pictures! but hey the next one we will be together! love you all and I hope you guys read  that scripture that I gave this week I want you guys to read Alma 1:25 meditate and pray and see what you all have to do! Love you all don't have to much fun without me! haha

Love Elder Santacruz

Our district

We are pretty much chefs

Chicken dinner!


Whats a Turkey dinner without Dr. Pepper?


Young men Future missionaries

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