Sunday, March 1, 2015

Its not about the number...

​Hey guys!!!! My week was way better than the last! 

First starting with Hermana Reyes she is a less active that we found when I was with Elder Vake. We found her one day when we went contacting! Now we have 4 months with her and she has been progressing a lot. She is not a less active any more shes active and none of her kids ​or husband are members of the church but we have been working with them all and two of the boys have dates for next week!!!! We will hopefully have baptisms next week I am so happy!!!! My first two in this area! I know that the Lord wanted me to learn something between that time, its not about the number its about having so much love for each one of the people! I love this area and I love Hermana Reyes.She is such a strong woman and she has changed so much. She has made me want to change myself even more. She used to drink but now she has been sober for about three weeks and she is still fighting against the temptation. 

Also this week I saw Elisa, Elder Matas soon to be wife, it was so cool! I surprised her at work she works in the city. She is doing good. She is planning on moving to the states in August and they are gonna get sealed in the Temple in September about the time I will be coming home so maybe I'll be able to go to their sealing haha that's crazy but she is doing good still strong in the church so I am happy that she will be blessed in that way. The Lord has more things in store for her! 
I am doing good with my comp hes such a good guy! I am still in the same pueblo La Herradura can't get any better than that! Love you all! Miss you all and I hope you have a good valentines! xoxo

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