Sunday, March 1, 2015

Prayers are Longer, Shoes are Dirtier

This week was a little hard haha not gonna lie...... The branch is having a lot of problems. It was hard for me to take in. Some of problems was with some couples in the branch and it was with the families that are the strongest in the church. We found out these things this week. It was really tough to take it all in..but I know that I need to help these people and I know what we need to focus on. Last night we planned for an hour just talking about the families. We were talking about their situations and we talked about what we can do to change things up. I know that we need to help these people before we go to another chapel because then things will get worse.

I am doing okay! Don't worry this happens in the mission but the prayers are longer and the shoes are more dirtier haha this week we started to go to the gym. Wow I haven't been to the gym since Cristo Rey haha We are waking up at 6:00 so we are super soar and super tired after the day! ha 
Also we are still working with the two boys that have a date! We are teaching them little by little! Hopefully they will know the things in time but I have faith we can do it! Love you all! Miss you all! 

Shout out to my boiie home dog Jeff Carrrrrranza!!!!!!! Woot Woot missionary. So proud of you! You will be great!
Elder Santacruz

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