Sunday, March 1, 2015

Armor of God

Yeah I know my English is terrible!!!!!!! UHHH hahaha I don't care! Ill practise it when I get home! haha

How was everyone's week!!!?? Mine was so great! We worked hard this week! All things are getting better with my comp! We are starting to work a lot better together. He has a problem talking and he didn't like talking to me in the start but hey things are looking up! I worked everyday to serve him I always tried talking to him even until I didn't want to! But then I really started to get to know him more and he has a really hard background! He is a good missionary he just needs the rest of the mission to help him! I love him a lot though!

We found a couple more people this week that might be interested in the message! We had received references from investigators which was super awesome! I was surprised that people we are teaching are doing missionary work! It truly is cool! I hope we all can follow the example of these people because a reference is really a Christmas present for any missionary! 

This week we have a chicken dinner we are gonna cook as a district! Its gonna be super dope we are gonna go big because its my last one and some others! We are gonna have a good fun time!!!! Oh and its gonna be a chicken dinner hahah there is no turkey here!!! ha lame.....

But also this week I was studying a great scripture that I want you guys to study! In Doctrine and Covenants 27:15-18.  I want you all to study it and ask yourselves how should I put this armor on spiritually! Love you all! and miss you! have a good week! 

Bunnies for days!

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