Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hey guys! Whats going on!? How is everything going!? How was thanksgiving!? Oh and how was black Friday!? Wow we had such a good Thanksgiving! Elder Hollingsworth and I cooked all morning and it turned out amazing! We invited other missionaries so we had 8 others and we just chilled and just enjoyed the holiday! You know thanksgiving is not the same with out family no matter how good the food is! haha I miss you guys!

This week we have been working with David and Leonera its a young couple that we teach and they had been reading the book of Mormon. We gave it to them last week! They have been saying that all these things make sense but the only thing is that they are not going to church. We will talk about the importance of it this week! It will be great! Pray for them that they will go! 

Also I have a new companion! He's a mini missionary! He's only gonna be in the missionary for 6 weeks so will see what the Lord wants me to do! All is well.....I'll let you guys know in the future! But I get to stay in the area still yes! I don't want to leave yet I still have a lot of work to do still!

But wow who is counting down the days for Christmas! Wow less than a month we will be talking on the phone! yeah buddy! that's the best Christmas present ever! Love you guys! I have a lot of pictures to send so I wont write a lot but love you guys enjoy your week! 
love elder santacruz
p.s. wow thank you so much for my package!!!!!!!!! it was the best! love you guys!

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