Sunday, March 1, 2015

Put Forth Effort!

Hey Everyone!!!!! This week was pretty interesting haha but first HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The DR celebrates the new year really good hahah everyone was drunk hahah so we had a hard time meeting new people but hey its all good! This week will be better I can feel it! Yeah buddy! Hey good news we finally had some investigators go to church!!!!!!! It was so great!!!! Wow its like Christmas when investigators go to church! Especially because our area is so far away from the church that people just don't feel like it but this Sunday was dope! 

Guess what! A family that we have in our branch is not homeless anymore! We are building a house for them! Its so special that the branch is donating money for this family of 8! Isn't that crazy? This family has been living in a little hut so yesterday we started with the base we spent the whole day just making cement and just building the base it was so great, because this family is so special to us! Hopefully we can see the house done before I leave! I know I am going to stay for another transfer because the mini missionary is going home after this transfer!

But I hope all you guys had a special happy new year and that you guys put forth effort to your new goals! I love you all and miss you! I know that this is the truth that I share with everyone! 

Yeah I like to get my shoes cleaned. Its only 15 pesos

Working out every morning

We're cool

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