Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Golden Family

This week was pretty crazy! We have been teaching the rest of the things to Emmanuel. He will get baptized this Saturday! He has been growing so much and is starting to being a different young man in just a short time. I love him as if he was a brother, he truly wants to change! His mom is so proud of him and she has so much more respect for him his mom is Hermana Reyes but I feel so happy that this family will keep growing. I hope their future will progress in the church!

This week we found a golden family! We found a family of five and the two parents are so humble and really smart. They know a lot about the scriptures and when we taught them they understood everything about the restoration. It was so cool. We invited them to pray about Joseph Smith and if he saw God and Jesus and if these things are true and they said yes! That lesson was so spiritual! I loved it so much it really made my week.

Today we went on a hike and wow we saw a waterfall it was so cool! I took a lot of pictures with my new camera wow thanks guys it was so awesome to get my package! You guys are the best I owe you all so bad! I hope you guys had a great valentines day! Love you all so much! 
We have changes next week so I think I will leave this area but who knows I could stay for one more transfer. W will see but love you guys that was my week.
Elder Santacruz

Emmanuel just got baptized

Hermana Reyes mom of Emmanuel

Beautiful Waterfall

My awesome Companion Elder Galvez

Elder Hollingsworth

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