Sunday, March 1, 2015

Do Not Fear Man

Hola! everyone! I hope everyone's week was amazing and that we all worked our best to serve the Lord!

This week we had put a date with a lady to be baptized! She accepted and I know that she will receive her answer in the time. She has to prepare herself to be ready to take this covenant with God! We had lessons with her this week and she had said that these things make her happy and that it gives her joy! That makes me really happy! Ill let you guys know about her progress!

So the families that we have been working with are still taking the lessons but we are mostly focused on 2 main families that are really working to change their lives!One family that we are teaching, the parents are reading the book of Mormon together and guess where they're at!! In Mosiah!!!! Yep its so cool! they say they love the book! They are a really poor family and they are not that intelligent but they want to keep working! Ill try to take a picture with them this week! They are awesome! 

Also this week we had a conference with all Santiago and it was so good! I love hearing President's advice but he talked about FEAR what are the things we fear in the mission and so he said that we need to fear GOD but not man! We shouldnt have fear to share the gospel to man and just be diligent to what the Lord says! Such a good talk! The things he told us to do I definitely want to work on through out the rest of my mission! 

That was my amazing week and I hope you all enjoyed it love you all! 
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