Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Well everyone... this week has been going so great!! Wow I would call This week the most successful in my time here in La Herradurra! Do you want to know why??? We have received 4 references so far this week and we are expecting 3 more! It is the best thing a missionary can ask for, I felt like this week was Christmas and guess what?.... they aren't just ordinary references they are references that really good! You do not know how happy I feel working now with members that are willing to share the gospel with their friends! We shared Jacob 1:19 to our references. This scripture really hit them. They felt the Lord trying to speak to them and tell them that they will be judged for not opening their mouth to their friends and family! So.... right away they were just like Oh! I know this person! Oh I want you guys to go visit this family! 
Out of these references we taught two brothers. They really want to know if the Book of Mormon is true. When we finished the lesson, one of the boys was saying ¨God please help us find an answer to really know if the Book of Mormon is true and that what the missionaries are saying is true.¨ That made my week! I know God is watching over us every minute and that he wants this work to grow! I KNOW THAT WAS ALL HIM. I love this work so much! Wow I am so glad this work is moving forward! 
That was my great week! 

Now...... challenge!! Yes!! You all have a challenge to help the the Elders or Hermanas in your ward to give a reference this week! I expect that from you guys! If these people can do it you guys can do it! I love you all so much and I hope you can do it because really guys, its the most effective way to teach the gospel! 


One of the members kids

On the roof!

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