Saturday, April 4, 2015

Open your eyes.....

Hello Everyone! 

So... this week started out with an activity, it was so cool! Well.. it was only a movie night but it was such a great ​turn out. We had more than 100 people! The activity was combined between our branch and the other ward that we are going to combine with! We had popcorn and cotton candy! We did it so that the people can realize that the church can have fun also it wasn't a church movie but it had a great message!

Also those two guys that were references that we met last week are still going strong. They are in 2nd Nephi chapter 2!!!! Its so cool; they are smart guys! They really do want an answer from God! It is so awesome! Yesterday we visited them with members. The members shared their testimonies and wow the guys felt the spirit. They haven't gone to church yet but they said that they are going this Sunday so we will see. Keep them in your prayers! 

So here comes the coolest part of my week........ Ready????? okay yesterday we had a family home evening with a less active family and the husband said last week that he was gonna invite 20 people to the family home evening and we were like okay.... we will see.... but we weren't believing at all. Yesterday we get there and one by one we started seeing kids from the neighborhood come in and sit down. We took count and there was 19 kids there from 8 to 15 years of old! hahah we shared the restoration video and all the kids loved it! We gave them all a pamphlet and then we had refreshments and then they all went home, but wow we received 21 references yesterday! 2 from the other members but it was so cool to teach all of those kids! Wow to see members do that makes me so happy! Yesterday made my week and I am truly taking the juice out of everyday! 

I know that God is helping me realize the time that I have left. Also what has been helping me even more is my journal every night. I write so much about all the little things that made my day so cool! I see some missionaries say wow I have so much time left and I think to myself wow open your eyes and see what is really happening! 

I know this gospel is true and I love everything that God has given me! It is truly a blessing to be here! Well... this was my week and I hope you all enjoyed it because I sure did! Love you all!

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Madre! Love you mom so much, thank you for everything! Hope you had an amazing day!

Our activity

Great turn out

Family Home Evening

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